A Gamer Looks At 40

Ep 69 - The Zelda Three Questions

March 20, 2023 Episode 69
A Gamer Looks At 40
Ep 69 - The Zelda Three Questions
Show Notes

Before nearly every interview I conduct, I ask my guests three random, silly questions that deserve random, silly answers. This time around, in honor of our ever-running Zelda series, all of this episode's question are related to the world of Link, Hyrule and Gannon. Join myself and 13 amazing guests as we chat in game pals, remasters and the Hookshot. Lots and lots of Hookshot.

Starring (all handles from Twitter)

Seth aka @thedopster
Christian (@brakeman90) of the Franchise Festival Podcast
Dan aka @retrologicgames
Helena aka @hellhathfury on TikTok
Ian (@teacherbloke85)
Jim from Drink a Beer, Play a Game Podcast (@ABeerAndAGame)
Jodi aka @bakuiel
Justin of Killer Quail Studios (@KQSKillerQuail)
Knight Gareint (@Gareint)
Trevor and Jeff of New Dad Gaming Podcast (@NewDadGaming)
Seth of the All N Podcast (@allnpodcast)
the Let's Play Princess (@TheLPPrincess)
Ryan aka Games with Coffee (@gameswcoffee)

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