A Gamer Looks At 40

Ep 85 - Earthbound Part Twoson: Moments and Mechanics

September 11, 2023 Bill Tucker Episode 85
A Gamer Looks At 40
Ep 85 - Earthbound Part Twoson: Moments and Mechanics
Show Notes

Fuzzy Pickles! The first time a diminutive photographer stopped my game to take a snapshot of my team, I felt two things: joy and minor annoyance. Joy because it was a charming moment of connection for my crew and annoyance because I'm a modern gamer dad who has precious seconds to spare. But regardless of where I land, it was a big moment.

On Part 2 of our ongoing Earthbound saga, my friends and I discuss their favorite moments, the great (and not so great) in-your-hands play and some odd side diversions more than worth your time and attention. 

STARRING (all handles from Twitter)

Celeste (@faeriecrypt) of Another Zelda Podcast (@AnotherZeldaPod)
Dan aka Captain Gingerbeard (@ScurvyBay)
Ian aka @teacherbloke85
Kyle VonKubick (@obeykube) of Read Only Magazine
Lucas White (@HokutoNoLucas)
Michael K Hughes (@KaidanXain) of the Capes and Junk Podcast (@GamesAndJunk)
Mike Albertin of Games My Mom Found (@mom_found)
Mustin, music producer (@Mustin)
Rigney of the Reliving Retro Podcast (@Reliving_Retro)
Robert P. Ottone, author of The Triangle (@RobertOttone)
Sam of the RetroLogic Podcast


Earthbound Town Medley - Acoustic/Classical Guitar Cover by Super Guitar Bros - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koX4XLkB5sY

Because I Love You: Earthbound [Tenor Sax Cover] by Sab Irene - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opoR2v6xoM0

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